Caucasian Dolls (Boy or Girl) 남아/여아


These dolls feature articulated arms and legs, allowing children to dress the doll and pose it lying down or sitting up. 



Anatomically Correct Doll

Their notably well defined features help to identify the most representantive races

They have perfumed and articulated bodies and they are made in vinyl

Collection of boy and girls dolls also available in: white, Latin American, Asian, African American.



38cm/15inches with pakaged boxes


*Pre-order/ 선주문건*


*스페인 교육용 인형이예요. 은은한 향기가 나는 몸과 속옷안에 남여구별이 가능한 몸으로 우리 아이들에게 다양한 인종을 소개할수 있어요* 

1% of your every purchase will be donated to children's charities.

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