Foldable Silicone Snack Cups

Foldable Silicone Snack Cups


Made from 100% silicone safe for baby. Lightweight, easy to hold, and will not hurt your little once tinny hands reaching his favorite snacks. Shake, rattle, and the snacks still stay inside. This snack cup has a dustproof lid, the snug fit will prevent any dirt, sand, or grass from getting into baby’s snack. Portable size and foldable, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


Cleaning and storage:

  • Hand wash with warm soapy water for quick cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 350F.
  • Avoid using sharp instruments to clean.
  • Store in a dry place to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from fire.


Cup size:

  • Folded 3.75' x 3.75' x 1.5'
  • Unfolded 3.75' x 3.75' x 3.5'

Wash and inspect before use. Discard and discontinue to use the first sign of deterioration.


FDA 인증받은 안전한 실리콘을 사용한 실리콘 스낵박스예요. 섭씨 220도씨 가열 가능한 상품이고 열탕, UV 소독 가능하나 자주 사용은 삼가해 주세요.  


By Little Chew

Made in China