Life Cycle of a Ladybug (무당벌레의 성장)

Life Cycle of a Ladybug (무당벌레의 성장)


The ladybug is also known as the ladybird, and more correctly known as the ladybeetle. The insect goes through the four stages of metamorphosis, hatching from an egg to become a voracious larva, then forming a pupa from which the colorful ladybug emerges.


  • Size and Color: The larva stage of the ladybug is said to resemble an alligator with its long jaws. The bright red and black adult ladybug figure is 2 ½ inches wide, about the same as a large spoon.
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Recommanded Age 3+


무당벌레의 성장이예요. 아이들에게 무당벌레가 알부터 무당벌레가 되기까지의 성장을 보여줄수 있는 교육용 곤충 미니 피큐어 예요. 


권장연령: 만 3세 이상