Red Haired Dolls (Boy or Girl) 남아/여아


Our dolls have well defined features and are anatomically correct. Their heads, arms and legs are jointed to provide them with mobility. In a classroom setting, 1-3 children can share a doll. Doll play is an integral part of pretend play. 


은은한 바닐라 향기가 나는 남여가 구분 가능하고 인종을 구분할수 있는 스페인 교육용 인형이예요! 올 가을 새로은 인종 아가들이 나왔어요! 프리 오더 진행 합니다. 8월 중슨쯤 받아 보실수 있으세요. 



Size: 38cm

Age:1-6 yrs

Designed in Spain


1% of your every purchase will be donated to children's charities.

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