Sea Horse - Natural Rubber Rattle

Sea Horse - Natural Rubber Rattle


Made from all-natural rubber, this wild Seahorse from our Ocean Buddies Collection is easy for tiny hands to grip. And when shaken, it responds with a gentle sound that is sure to comfort your little ones.


Each marine animal character has an enclosed rattle that creates a soft sound when shaken. Sound toys, like rattles provide stimulation to babies as they discover their senses. 


Size: 1.9in x 3.9in 
Age Recommendation: 0+ months


Features: Toy is made from pure natural rubber. Certified non-toxic, BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free. Designed to be easily gripped by little hands.


천연고무 딸랑이 물놀이 장난감이예요. 

아이가 입에 물어도 안전한 상품이랍니다. 장난감에 구멍이 있지 않아서 아기가 물속에서 가지고 놀아도 곰팡이 걱정이 없고 딸랑이가 들어 있어 청각 발달에 도움이 되는 상품이예요. 


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