Stacking Cups Toy | Made in Denmark (Original)

Stacking Cups Toy | Made in Denmark (Original)


Set of 8 stacking cups. (8 pcs 컵으로 구성되어 있어요). 


This colorful round tower is fun and engaging for your baby to look at, while stacking the pieces helps them develop their organization and motor skills.

With our Danish Hygge collection of toys for kids 0-3 years, your child can play while learning valuable skills and a little about Denmark—a charming country home to beautiful buildings and our favorite fairy tales. 


Stacking toys help develop both the body and the brain starting around six months

Helps improve fine motor skills

The basic skills learned from stacking toys become the foundation for more complex tasks like using a writing instrument

Stacking toys also help kids learn language skills 

100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark.


덴마크에서 만들어지고 디자인된 안전한 플라스틱 제질 컵쌓기 놀이예요. 은은한 색상의 오리지널 컵쌓기 놀이를 올리네서 만나보세요!


By Mushie