Vegetable Set

Vegetable Set


Let your little one's imagination go wild with these beautifully handcrafted vegetables. Each set includes: an eggplant, carrot, onion, turnip, potato, tomato, cucumber, beet, big mushroom and small mushroom. Everything comes in a cotton bag.


Lovingly handcrafted in Russia from a third-generation toymaker family using traditional water-based stains on all natural lime wood. With no lacquer, the beautiful wood grain shows through and the velvety finish of natural wood is a calming tactile experience. 

  • Ages: 18m+
  • Materials: hardwood lime woods, non-toxic water-based wood stain, NO lacquer
  • Dimensions: 8 pieces: tallest is 5.5in tall (14cm), shortest is 1.25in tall (3cm); boxed set measures 6in x 4in x 4in
  • Origin: Russia
  • Safety: CE certified
  • Other: Do NOT submerge in water, use damp cloth to wipe clean


러시아 유명 토이 브랜드 라두가 그레이즈의 야채세트예요. 유럽 안전 인증을 받았으며 아이들에게 유해하지 않은 물 베이스 페인트를 사용했어요. 8가지 야채들이 들어 있어요. 코튼 가방에 쌓여있어요.  간혹 나무의 옹이들이 보여질수 있어요. 불량이 아니라 나무자채를 깍아 핸드메이드로 만들어진 나무의 옹이 모양이랍니다. 만 18개월 이상부터 사용해주세요.


Made in Russia

By Raduga Grez