Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock


Beautiful handmade all natural wooden toy clock to manipulate and learn telling time. The minute and hour hand are made of different wood - minute hand with darker chocolatey brown walnut and hour hand with reddish cherry. The engravings match the colors, the hours are engraved in reddish brown to match the hands and the minute markings are almost black to give a subtle contrast and separation of concepts.


6" in diameter and easy to manipulate.
Clock face is made of buttery white maple. Hour hand is made of red alder and the minute hand is walnut.


부드럽고 따뜻한 색상의 원목시계를 만지고 놀며 자연스럽게 시간을 배울수 있어요. 시계판은 메이블나무로 시계손은 월넛나무로 견고하게 만들어진 원목교구예요. 


365일중 비가 200일 내리는 시애틀, 올라맘의  마음에 고향과도 같은 시애틀에 사는 아기엄마가 손수 핸드메이드로 만든 상품이예요. 주문 제작 상품입니다. 

1% of your every purchase will be donated to children's charities.

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