Wooden Lala Doll Girl

Wooden Lala Doll Girl

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It sparks your creativity. It can be your friend, a princess, a knight or a wizard. It will easily travel with you and home in your pocket or backpack. It will also help improve your ne motor control - it’s arms
and legs are movable so you can train your dexterity by dressing up their new friend.
This toy is a perfect companion to have on adventures of all scales.


LaLa/This doll can put on its shirt, pants or dress that were made from 100% organic cotton and ax.
The clothes are gentle and soft. The material they’re made from is certied by GOTS. The wood we use is certied by FSC®. This is an eco-friendly product and is free from any articial or harmful substances.


Height of Doll : 19 cm
Dimentions with the box : 14 cm (length) x 22,5 cm (width) x 5,5 cm (height)


Made in Beskidy Mountains, Poland.

By Wooden Story


나무인형 라라예요. 우든스토리 라라는 팔다리가 움직이고 부드러운 100% 오가닉 옷을 입고 있어요. 성별은 남자와 여자로 나눠져 있어요.